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Young Politicos: what makes them?

In an election that will probably be decided by superannuitants and baby boomers, young people are still getting involved and joining political parties. Michael Cropp reports. Sam MacDonald, 23, is your prototypical Young Nat – a young professional, an accountant and deadly serious. We meet at a café near his work… Read More »Young Politicos: what makes them?

LIVE: UCSA President Debate

Please note that this live blog reads from the bottom. Presidential candidates are Sarah Platt (SP), AJ Ekmescic (AJ), Mathew O’Meeghan (MO). 12.52 – debate closed. Closing words from the Chair, Megan Dickie, Finally, remember to vote. If you don’t, you don’t have a say in who governs.  We now have… Read More »LIVE: UCSA President Debate

LIVE: NZ Election Debate

To follow this blog post, please start at the bottom of the screen. Parting words from Prof Alex Tan: exercise your sacred right to vote. Otherwise someone else might vote for you.  Debate ends: 1.40pm  Candidates now have the opportunity to put a plug in for their party. 1.30pm Woods: this… Read More »LIVE: NZ Election Debate